BOSTON – The agreed upon trade between Boston and Philadelphia will add even more assets to the Celtics' ever-increasing vault of draft picks which gives them the potential for growth as a franchise's development, both short and long-term. Here's an update on Boston's ever-expanding asset collection for the next six years. 2017 No. 3 overall pick (in Philly trade) No. 37 (from Minnesota via Phoenix) No. 53 (from Cleveland) No. 56 (from the Los Angeles Clippers) 2018 Own 1st Brooklyn 1st Los Angeles Lakers 1st (if No. 2-5) Own 2nd (if not 56+) 2019 Own 1st Sacramento 1st (Only if '18 Lakers pick isn't received previously) Memphis 1st (Maybe)* Los Angeles Clippers 1st (if 15+) Own 2nd (if not