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Which NBA team scares you the most?

Western Conference:
1A. The Los Angeles Lakers
I think we just may not be motivated enough this year to win it all again. I hope with this most likely being Phil's last year the players play harder for him when it matters. I think they may just be coasting right now because they're is no need to wear out their bodies anymore then necessary. Our core have put a lot of miles on their bodies the last few seasons. When this team is clicking we have seen glimpses of what they're capable of. We should still be the favorite to win it all with our improved bench. This thread may be a little premature. So many things can happen between now and April.

1B. The San Antonio Spurs
They've been playing really good this year. Like us though, they're old. Especially Duncan. I was going to say the Mavericks but with the injury to Caron Butler their team has gotten a lot worse. No one off their bench scares me to much but it's a solid group; however, I can see Matt Bonner having a 60 point game in the playoffs. The guys is an assassin.

Eastern Conference:
1. Boston Celtics
New year, same story. The Celtics did a good job of adding quality players this offseason. The big 3 still haven't showed any signs of aging and Rondo is only getting better. I think there's a big possibility of another Laker-Celtics Final unless Stern finds a way to get his Heat in there. I like the Magic better with their recent trades. I don't think they were ever going to win anything with Rashard Lewis starting at PF. My problem with them is that Dwights game is still just too raw. I've watched them a lot this year and I've witnessed quite a few games where he's a non-factor. The guy is too strong and talented to get shut down like he does on offense. The Heat still don't scare me. Bosh has looked much better lately but I think as a whole they will struggle in the playoffs when teams are able to strategize against them. Wade and Brons games are just too similar and it makes 1 of them less effective.

Your thoughts? *cough* Pete *cough*
Im going to go with the Lakers to many of there players are getting hurt not looking good but a true Lakers fan will stick bye there side till they are better
Angie Davis