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What's the deal with those guys, eh? Anyone know a good site where I can go complain about the Yorks?
Originally posted by pantstickle:
What's the deal with those guys, eh? Anyone know a good site where I can go complain about the Yorks?

Been looking for years myself. Let me know if you find one, please.
I hope Manny Lawson resigns. He's a beast in run support. Same thing with Takeo but I won't blame him if he goes to a contender. He deserves a playoff visit. Dashon Goldson can sign some where else. I don't care. He's not good against the run and is always out of position against the pass. Parys needs to be replaced as well. I like Navarro Bowman for a rookie. I wish we got to see more of Mays.

I want us to resign Alex Smith as well. I still think he can do good things in this league. I met him in real life. Dude is cool. I like our rooks a lot. Dixon is a good spell back. Westbrook is good but I think he's leaving. We need to add some more speed on offense. Anthony Davis started out awful but has looked good the last few weeks and Iupati is solid.
As many of you I have heard about all of the latest speculation about the 49ers and their new search for a GM and then a head coach. I would like to purpose something that is a long short but here it goes.

I know about 5 season ticket holders who are considering NOT renewing their season tickets for next year if the niner organization does not shape up, and hire a Ligament GM and head coach.

My thought is establishing the Bill Walsh Legacy program which encourages season ticket holders to not renew unless the niner management can produce a legit GM and coach. We need to create a significant block of season ticket holders to push the niner management to change.

For the record I do not believe that Trent Baake is the answer is any shape or form.
I think if we can keep Baalke and get a legitamate GM, that can somehow lure an offensive mind with a WCO philosophy to the Niners....that is a huge start. The Niners have all the weapons on offense to be a WCO (with a massive OL).

And that Steve Young interview re-assesed my beleifs that, we need to bring our WCO identity back home.